Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

This measure will support the development of affordable housing so that our dedicated middle class workforce can afford to live in the community they serve.

Transportation Choices

Transportation Choices

Voting for the 1% local option tax will take cars off the road by expanding public transit and making it safer to walk and bike.



Each year, the Town and County will approve a list of projects for funding. Expenditures toward housing and transportation projects will be tracked by the Teton County Treasurer and will be publicly available for review.

We support voting for a 1% local option sales tax.

August 24, 2016
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Who We Are

Who is the Community Priorities Coalition?

The Community Priorities Coalition is a diverse group of local individuals and organizations committed to addressing Jackson Hole’s highest priorities. We’re focused on finding balanced solutions to complex problems, like the growing gridlock on our roads and skyrocketing housing prices that have made it difficult for middle class families to be able to live here. The Coalition works with public and private partners to identify long-term solutions that will preserve our quality of life here in Jackson Hole.


Why should I vote for the 1% local option sales tax?

We need to come together and act now to responsibly address Jackson Hole’s highest priorities—traffic congestion and affordable housing. The 1% local option sales tax creates a dedicated fund that gives residents control over how we plan our future and protect our quality of life. This measure will create a Community Priorities Fund that is transparent and accountable to taxpayers.

Solving Problems

What problems will the 1% local option sales tax help solve?

The local option sales tax will address two of the biggest challenges facing Jackson Hole today: traffic congestion and the lack of affordable housing. This measure strengthens middle class families here in Jackson Hole by investing in affordable housing, transit, and making our streets safer for people to walk and bike. This measure will support the development of affordable housing so that our teachers, police, nurses, and firefighters can afford to live in the community they serve.

What it Costs

The 1% local option sales tax does NOT raise our tax rate.

Since a pre-existing 1% local option sales tax is slated to expire next spring, families and individuals will pay the same tax rate we have been used to paying. The 1% local option sales tax does NOT raise our tax rate.

These funds will be placed in a dedicated fund and split 50/50 for both housing and transportation priorities, and are projected to raise $48 million in just 4 years.

An Investment

What investments will the revenue from the 1% local option sales tax fund?

For years, Jackson Hole has benefited from a robust economy. But growth and development have created gridlock on our roads, while skyrocketing housing prices are isolating our middle class. Now is the time to act. The 1% local option sales tax creates a dedicated fund that will address the need for affordable housing, create transportation choices that will reduce traffic congestion, and better connect the places where we work, live, and play.

Reducing Traffic

How will the 1% local option sales tax reduce traffic congestion?

Traffic congestion is a major problem for our community. This 1% local option sales tax will allow Jackson Hole to prioritize funding for critical transportation improvements that take cars off the road. Funding will support efficient public transit and increase commuter routes.

Affordable Workforce Housing

Make affordable housing an easy option

Affordable housing for our year-round workforce will be addressed through a three pronged approach of preserve – purchase land – partner. Technical assistance will be provided to employers and developers to match the demand for housing with the potential housing supply. Our community will leverage the 1% local option sales tax to create a streamlined process for those seeking to provide workforce housing.

Local Option Sales Tax vs. SPET

Why is this a 1% local option sales tax and not a specific purpose excise tax (SPET)? 

While the Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) has funded many excellent public works and infrastructure projects in Teton County, it cannot be used to fund ongoing operations and maintenance expenses for capital improvement projects. The 1% local option sales tax can and will be used to fund affordable housing and create transportation options for the next four years.


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